Solar Charge Controller MPPT 10A 20A 12V/24V SON MPPT Suoer

Solar Charge Controller MPPT 10A 20A 12V/24V SON MPPT Suoer


Solar Charge Controller MPPT (Maximum Power Point) atau Pelacakan Titik Daya Maksimum memberikan koneksi tidak langsung antara bank baterai dan panel PV. Sambungan tidak langsung ini termasuk konverter tegangan DC / DC yang mengambil tegangan PV ekstra dan mengubahnya menjadi arus tambahan pada tegangan rendah tanpa harus kehilangan daya.


  • MPPT technology
  • Image of LCD graphic symbol
  • Clock timing function
  • Regulatory mechanism of temperature compensation(Available in 30A/40A)
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
  • Built-in solar data monitoring interface(RS485)(Available in 30A/40A)
  • LCD Display with backlight
  • Good heat dissipation effect with less noise
  • Light control mode,Time control mode
  • Reverse protection,short circuit protection
  • Designed for 12V/24V/48V solar power system
  • Hanging style design makes it convenient to install Available in 10A/20A/30A/40A



  • Charging mode Maximum power point tracking automatically
  • Charging way Three -phase:constant current ,constant voltage ,floating
  • System type DC12V/24V         Automatic identification
  • System identification of voltage 12V <16V , 12V/24V                 >18V
  • Soft start time 12V/24V              <10s
  • Response time to recover 12V/24V              500us
  • the machine efficiency 12V/24V               >96.5%
  • Photovoltaic utilization 12V/24V              >99%
  • The input features
  • MPPT working voltage and scope 12V        DC18V-DC34V , 12V/24V               DC34V-DC90V
  • Photovoltaic (PV) input low voltage protection 12V        Battery voltage +1V 12V/24V
  • The input low pressure recovery points 12V        Battery voltage +5V 24V
  • Maximum input voltage 12V/24V DC95V
  • Input overvoltage protection 12V/24V              DC90V
  • input overvoltage recovery points 12V/24V              DC88V
  • The largest solar panels power input 12V        145W     290W , 24V         290W     580W
  • The charging characteristics
  • Battery types to choose from (the default for gel gel battery 12V/24V               Sealed Lead- Acid Battery,Opzs Battery,gel battery,nickel-cadmium batteries(customized for other types of battery charging)
  • The output current rating 12V/24V              10A        20A
  • current limiting protection 12V/24V              12A        22A
  • Grain output voltage peak-peak 12V/24V 200mV
  • The output voltage accuracy 12V/24V              ≤±1.5%
  • Size             175*128*60MM               210*165*75MM